Bereavement Ministry

Coordinator - Tammy Sides

Tammy will notify the Quarterly Fellowship Committee Head when there
has been a death and a meal needs to be planned.  She will provide the
day, time, location, and expected number to prepare to serve.

Committee Heads:
Betty Graham - September - December
Laurie Davenport - January - April
Linda Barnes - May - August

These committee heads and their chosen committee will plan, organize,
serve, and clean-up after both funeral meals as well as all-church fellowship
meals that occur during their quarter of the year.  Each of these ladies will
select a group of 8-10 helpers to assist them with the preparation and serving
of these meals. Since we will be rotating this responsibility, it will not fall to the
same group of ladies for every event.

For funerals, a set menu will be prepared and served each time.  The church will
furnish the meat, usually ham and/or fried chicken and green beans.  The ladies
of the congregation will be asked to furnish the remaining side dishes.  The
following people will be responsible for arranging for the side dishes:

Wilma Tutt or Bonnie Patterson - Potato Casserole (Recipe provided)
Nell Reed or Cory Jones - Green Salad
Mary Swindle  - Gelatin Salad
Laurie Davenport-Rolls
Runez Pruitt or Linda Barnes - Desserts

The ladies of the congregation will be given the opportunity for sign-up for
which funeral meal item they prefer to prepare.  When called, they will
prepare the same item for each funeral.  In some cases it will be possible
to keep on hand the ingredients you will need for your particular items.  This
will make it much simpler to plan these meals.  We will always know what to
expect, how much food to expect, not have large amounts of food left over
and most importantly, we won't be nervous about having enough food.
There are sign-up sheets on the table in the rear of the auditorium to sign-up
for the side dishes.  Please participate in this ministry as we are trying to make
it as simple as possible for all of you.  

Thanks for your cooperation.